In 1992, Stan Lee gave Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld 20 minutes to invent a superhero

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As part of his 1992 Comic Book Greats VHS series — which featured (deep breath) such luminaries as Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Will Eisner, the Romitas, Sergio Aragones, and Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman — Smiling Stan Lee asked Rob "X-Force" Liefeld and Todd "Spawn" McFarlane to invent a superhero in a hot second.

Their creation? An insanely 1990s anti-hero named Overkill, who basically epitomizes all of the excesses of the era. Witness Stan Lee opine, "A Liefeld character without shoulderpads is almost naked." Also, McFarlane offers sartorial tips to would-be illustrators like, "The kids like chains." Here's the rest of this priceless moment (2, 3) — note that things get weirdly passive-aggressive toward the end. Also, be sure to stick around when Rob and Todd don their cool guy denim jackets and create their own comic book.

For more 1990s hilarity, here's a 1996 episode of the Canadian science fiction fan show The Anti-Gravity Room. Here, Rob and artist Ty Templeton explain how you make a comic. Here's the rest (2, 3) of that. What exactly was Jim Shooter doing in 1996? Now you know!


[Via Comics Alliance]