India's Border Patrol Performs Incredible Feats on Motorbikes, Wow

I'm 99.9-percent sure that I'm neither qualified nor eligible to join India's Border Security Force, but if I could, I would demand to be assigned to the Daredevil Team. This week, the Daredevil Team dressed in fatigues and donned helmets—safety first!—to wow the crowds at the India Republic Day parade. And wow.

According to the Puffin History of India for Children, the Daredevil Team "performs incredible feats on motorcycles." Don't believe a children's history book? Check out these photos from this year's India Republic Day. First the preparation:


Then they line up in their matching outfits:

Then come the incredible feats:


Past performances were even more incredible:


Obviously, the Daredevils are even more awesome when seen in motion. Watch for the dude drinking tea instead of steering his motorcycle:

And wait for the grand finale, which includes fighter jets:

[Gizmodo Español]

Images via AP


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