InVoca Voice-Activated TV Remote Control

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Voice-activated technology embedded in stand-alone devices is just about to become useful, and maybe this InVoca Voice-Activated TV Remote from Brookstone just might work. It's supposed to respond to 54 of your voice commands, yells, screams, pleas and yelps. It's allegedly able to understand four separate voices, and can also accept macros.

So, let's see, you could set up a macro, telling the voice-activated remote to "go fuck yourself," and then it could dutifully switch to your TiVo and play back Jerry Springer? $50 finds out if it can do it in less than five attempts. When it's not successful, all those around you will wonder why you're screaming obscenities at the remote control. Tell 'em it was Gizmodo's idea.

Product page [Brookstone]

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Lol, good one. Actually there are PPC remote programs that have built in voice cmd capabilities already - but of course if you are a true nerd, you already done this hehe. It works, but it's not reliable enough, not to mention, you gotta have the thing pointed the right way anyways. Keep in mind, if you have a loud TV/stereo, it's even less reliable.