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iPhone 3GS to Be Unofficially Renamed Nintendo iPhone 3GSN64

Illustration for article titled iPhone 3GS to Be Unofficially Renamed Nintendo iPhone 3GSN64

Zodttd, the developer who brought us GBA4iPhone, has announced plans to release a N64 emulator for the device. But does the 3GS have enough power? Maybe.


The dev says that only the iPhone 3GS and latest iPod touch have the CPU, GPU and OpenGL ES 2.0 support to possibly handle smooth N64 emulation. But the "top-notch" N64 games might not be available "just yet."

Of course, the even bigger hurdle is a reasonable enough control scheme to make the games remotely playable to begin with. I had enough problems with the real N64 controller, so it's tough to imagine the iPhone handling things with any greater success. [All Tech Related via Maxconsole]

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Broken Machine

I remember in 1996 the dicussion of whether or not a PC was capable of handling N64 emulation. Ridiculous discussions of 32 to 64 bit being impossible and debates as to whether a PC had capable graphics ran rampant. A few months later, UltraHLE arrived and shocked the hell out of everyone.

I agree that it is technically possible to emulate an N64 game on the iPhone and the control scheme might be the biggest hurdle. Where are all these game controllers we were promised in the Touch 3.0 software update? Zeemote maybe? #n64iphoneemulator