iPhone Apps We Like: Twinkle, the New Best Twitter App

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So, we were a little premature when we declared Twitterific the best iPhone Twitter app-Twinkle, the hugely popular Twitter app with location goodness for Installer.app, just came to the App store. Its killer location features are totally intact: Tweets are lojacked with your current location (Twitterific just updates your profile's current location), and you can check out who's tweeting within one, ten, or up to 1000 miles from you.


Twinkle's UI isn't quite as info rich (like when you click on someone's tweet) as Twitterific's, and you can't check out a tweet someone is replying to like you can in Twitterific. But, it doesn't seem as prone to slowdown (Twitterific can absolutely drag if you're scrolling through a lot of tweets), and I dig the easy-to-digest convo bubble layout. Also, there's no ads for the free (and only) version of Twinkle. But it's the location stuff that really put it over the top. [iTunes, Tapulous]




I'm in your boat. No Twitter friends. And I agree that this is kinda creepy, but I suppose there are those who will use it a lot. I probably would if I had any friends on Twitter, especially stalker psycho friends.

Cool app though. Probably the best app at taking advantage of the GPS/location software.