iPhone Developers' Portal Supposedly Slips Up With "Need To Update This For The 27th Launch" Message

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A MacRumors forums member has posted a screengrab of the iPhone Dev Portal which updated the terms and conditions yesterday (supposedly) with the line "need to update this for the 27th launch." So there'll be a new iPhone OS, hmm?

MacRumors forum member Withnail explained the screengrab he pasted on 'The Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup' thread:

"I had let my developers license lapse, and I wanted to renew it today. I noticed that the portal went down for a while with the "We'll be back soon!" placeholder.

When it was back up, I went in and renewed my account. I thought the Ts&Cs were a bit funny."


This adds further weight to Flurry Analytics' claims just days ago that they detected up to 50 different Apple Tablet-like devices testing apps, traced back to the Cupertino HQ of Apple. They were apparently running OS 3.2, suggesting the tablet would merely be a larger version of the iPhone, and not a completely different platform. [MacRumors forums via 9 to 5 Mac]