iPhone DSLR Camera Remote Coming To Nikon Users

Remember that iPhone app which let you control your Canon DSLR (while it was connected via USB to a laptop) and even display a Live View feed? Well a new version will also add support for those with a penchant for Nikon cameras. The update, which is due out mid-July, is also said to feature a new, more intuitive UI . [onOne via NikonRumors]

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So iPhone->laptop via Wi-Fi, laptop->Nikon with USB. Hmm.

If I'm hooking up my camera to a lappie, why not run Nikon's Camera Control and get the full benefit of the laptop screen? I'm just having a hard time seeing where the ability to wander a bit becomes really useful when my camera is anchored.

Maybe its early. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee.

Now, if they could do this with a little gizmo you attach to the camera and you could skip the laptop... Then they'd have something...