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iPhone Owners Need Six Clocks on the Back Like They Need a Kick to the Head

Illustration for article titled iPhone Owners Need Six Clocks on the Back Like They Need a Kick to the Head

Gresso must be scraping the bottom of the barrel after far too many diamond/wooden/unicorn teeth cases for iProducts. Their latest, the iPhone 4 Time Machine, has six Swiss mechanical watches strapped on the reverse, for keeping tabs on international timing.


I mean, it's not like there are a million apps to do that, right? Gresso has at least thought to encase those six clocks with a mineral glass and diamond coating—making it just 1mm thicker than a normal iPhone 4. I'm not sure how they've done it, but perhaps that's why they're asking $6,000 for it. [GSM Arena]

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Why must people who are not billionaires always feel compelled to tell those that are what they should do with that money? If a billionaire wants to waste $6K on something...surely they should. Not every penny spent by those who can afford to waste their money must be spent on something worthy.

It is just relative. There are plenty of people in the world who make just a few hundred a year. The thought of spending $3 for a cup of coffee would be INSANE to them. Spending $100 (a third of their annual income) on a dinner would be inconceivable.

So if one has a $1B, wasting $6K on something trivial like this is no more "stupid" then buying a cup of coffee is to some...maybe even less so.

Besides...if companies like Gresso don't try to "free" some of the money from those undeserving billionaires with crap like this, how will it ever trickle down to the little people?