iPhone Works With iPod Music Docks But Not Video Docks

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When it comes to iPhone compatibility with old-school docks and accessories, the fear factor has been pretty high. Compounding that is the annoying message you get as soon as you dock an iPhone: "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone." Then, more mysteriously, "Would you like to turn on Airplane Mode to reduce audio interference (you will not be able to make or receive calls)?" I have tested it on a few music docks, daringly answering "No" each time, and I'm happy to report, it's no big deal. On the flipside, anyone who bought one of those newer video docks is bound to be frustrated, because in our testing, they didn't work.

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There are two kinds of docks: ones that let you control music from the iPod itself and ones that take control of the iPod, like BMW's notorious first dock and many subsequent (and more affordable) accessories since. The Bose SoundDock is an example of the former; the DLO HomeDock and Harman Kardon's Bridge dock are examples of the latter.


Regardless of the dock type, regardless of whether the iPhone is set for ring or vibrate, here's what happens: you are rocking out to your music when it suddenly—though gracefully—fades out. If it's on ring, you hear the one of the cheesy Apple ringtones, but it doesn't play through the system, it plays through the iPhone speaker. (If it's vibe, you may not hear anything.) You can even answer in-dock, and tap the speaker button to put the call on speakerphone. The instant you hang up, your music fades back in, no problem.

The video dock, on the other hand, was a total bust. Mind you, I only tried one, the Memorex iFlip, but the prospects are grim. Since iPhone doesn't have the video options screen that a video iPod does, you can't choose to route the video out. Since it would never play video internally and externally at the same time, it seems video is doomed to stay in the iPhone forever. And that "audio interference" Apple mentioned, well, the iFlip is the first time we heard it. A low, digitally unpleasant moan. More updates on that subject soon.

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This is mixed news for every iPhone aspirant who has spend hundreds on iPod docks and accessories, but still it's not a comprehensive, scientific study. We will continue to test and report back to you as we learn more.


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Im looking for another version of the iPhone..

I purchased it, but will probley take is back due to that is cant record video, doesnt have a flash for camera, and doesn't have an adobe flash for safari....If im going to pay 650 for a phone I want it to be awesome, and none the less it is amazing!! But I think, just like cars, if you wait 4-6 months, the same car comes out with a convertible .. 4-6 months.. all the gliches will be worked and a firmware update will be release and have flash for online ..maybe

.. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it had video capability and a better dang service.. Online with the EDGE network, all i've heard is its horrible and SLOWWWW! Another thing i would like it to do is bluetooth with other phones and exchange songs.. only thing you can do now is though headsets... Another bad side is that you cant us it as a jumpdrive, and with a 8GB i would want to load some stuff on it to transfer from school and home..

Another Plus would be a LIVE GPS system.. that would blow the top off the cell phone market..