iPod DJ Station is GO

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Woop woop! Everybody over there! Put your hands in the air! Skrikka Skrikka Skrikka. The iPod DJ mixing thingie is apparently the real deal and will be available from Numark. Specs include:

Big controls for iPod scroll wheel and transport buttons, Ins and outs for connecting other gear (like, say, a turntable?, 2-channel mixer, 3-band EQ, USB connection to Mac/PC; full docking support, S-Video out for iPod Photo, Recording support (in iPod)

It will be available in the third quarter of 2006 and be priced at $399. Quite nice. [Thanks, Sam]

NAMM: Numark Launches iDJ Mixer for iPod at $399? (Unconfirmed) [CreateDigitalMusic]