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This week at iLounge: After weeks of speaker dock reviews, this was high-profile case week at iLounge: the highly visual yet affordable iJacket from Aquarius led the pack, offering 120 different iPod nano and nearly 50 different 5G iPod designs, including everything from Jesus and the Virgin Mary to sports themes, cars, animals, and fruit. iSkin's more expensive, clear case-over-silicone case design Claro also went under the microscope, proving useful as a truly scratch-proof video-ready case for 5G owners.

Incase surprised us with Sapporo, a limited edition version of its Folio case designed to celebrate the launch of Apple's new Sapporo, Japan retail store. And Matias โ€” an early leader in metal iPod protection โ€” fell victim to the "me too" case fad with its Matias Armor for iPod nano, which now looks just like many of the other iPod nano metal cases we've seen.


We did check out some speakers, too: iHome's $100 portable alarm clock iH26 rated well, and iLuv's $200 component audio system i7500 โ€” possessing separate left, right, and subwoofer speakers, plus an amplifier with a CD player, memory card slot and USB port โ€” made a big splash in our First Looks section.

In iNews this week, Microsoft dominated the headlines with rumors that it will be releasing a new music and video device with wireless capabilities this Christmas. Apple revamped the iTunes podcast directory and said it is still investigating the working conditions of the controversial Chinese iPod factory. Plus, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster released two interesting reports this week โ€” one saying that he believes that Apple will introduce a wireless sixth-generation iPod this Fall, and one in which he ranks the current pack of Apple rumors.