Is LSD a Treatment For Suicide Headaches?

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Who knew hallucinogens were actually good for you? In a recent study, two psychiatrists discovered that patients suffering from agonizing cluster headaches found relief while taking LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs.

The psychiatrists noticed reports of people using hallucinogens to self-treat their headaches and decided to do a follow-up study. Cluster headaches, also known as suicide headaches, are thought to be the worst pain known to man. The pair chose six patients who suffered from these headaches and treated them with a non-hallucinogenic form of LSD.

All six patients reported a decrease in the number of cluster attacks and five said this effect that lasted for months after the study. This is a small study, but I think I smell the beginnings of the Legalize Medical LSD movement. [ScienceNOW; Shutterstock/Stefan Schejok]


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