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Is This HTC's Android-Sliding Vision Phone?

Illustration for article titled Is This HTCs Android-Sliding Vision Phone?

A prototype of what's been dubbed the HTC Vision has turned up in Croatia, with a 3.7-inch touchscreen, 1GHz processor and Android 2.1. Well, it wouldn't be running Gingerbread yet, would it?


You've no doubt already clocked the keyboard, and how it's just a four-row affair, compared to the G1's five rows. If this is indeed a HTC phones, and they do plan on launching it with a smaller keyboard, then it looks like the numbers will be sharing the same buttons as some letters. Also, the two blue "Alt" keys have been relegated higher, leaving the "up" arrow keys on the bottom row, along with some other keys that I can't quite make out. Maybe something to do with Sense?


While the Croatian site Njuskalo, which the photo appeared on, doesn't seem to be showing its hand quite yet for the Vision, they did report that it also (apparently) has 1.2GB of storage. [Njuskalo via Engadget via AndroidCentral]

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Physical keyboard? KILL IT WITH FIRE!