Is Your iMessage Busted?

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It appears that there is a large iMessage outage across iOS devices right now. iMessages will not send. Red alert! We're noticing problems on our iPhones in the office. It's pretty annoying that this seems to be happening all frequently for one reason or another. Is your iMessage working? And if not, how are you coping?


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Valued Customer,

This e-mail is to inform you of network problem that MAY have affected your Mobile Service.

Trouble Ticket Number: TT000035665803

Severity: 2-Medium

Location of Issue: National DALLAS FT. WORTH Description of Issue: MNRC Data Core reported iMessaging service was down. iPhone customers may have experienced delays or message failures when using iMessaging service.

Start Time: Thu Oct 25 17:18:34 EDT 2012 Time of Resolution:Thu Oct 25 18:43:00 EDT 2012

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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