Israeli Minister Calls Facebook a "Monster"

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Israel’s minister for public security Gilad Erdan has called Facebook a “monster” for “sabotaging” police investigations and called on Israelis to “flood” Mark Zuckerberg and make him change the site’s policy.


In a television interview, Erdan said that the recent increase in street attacks by Palestinians was encouraged on Facebook, and the company has not been quick enough to remove violence-inciting posts because there is “a very high bar for removing inciteful content and posts.” Erdan added that Facebook does not cooperate in West Bank investigations and asked Israelis to “flood” Zuckerberg “in every possible place with the demand to monitor the platform he established and from which he earns billions.”

For its part, a Facebook spokesperson told Reuters it was working with Israeli authorities and trying to block violent comments, though the company did not directly address Erdan’s comments.

Social-media sites like Facebook have come under increased scrutiny for their part in the rise of terrorism. Last month, the father of a victim of the Paris attacks sued Facebook, Twitter, and Google for “knowingly” let ISIS recruit through their platforms. Earlier, the wife of an American man killed in Jordan filed suit against Twitter for similar reasons. While those were individual lawsuits, and the Erdan has no plans to take this to court, he is, to date, one of the highest-ranking people to make such biting comments.

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Angela Chen is the morning editor at Gizmodo.


I am from Israel, the sane part of Israel, a very big part that usually does not get heard. This statement is ridiculous, that minister is ridiculous and none of us like him. Please don’t hate us.