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Italy: Home to Delicious Pizza, Leather Shoes and Racing Simulators

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Italian company Movetech has finally designed a racing cockpit worthy of mention. Throw away your cheap Logitech set and get ready for some "full-blown racing." This cockpit will work with PS2 and your PC, as well as other various hookups. But it's designed for playing Gran Turismo, as the name implies. It comes with a full roll-cage-esque steel frame, a sweet-looking leather bucket seat (made of "ecological" leather no less) along with high-quality parts for the steering wheel and pedals. It's also competitively priced at 350 euros (around $425) which is worth it for what you're getting.


The announcement e-mail even comes with a titillating secrecy agreement. You can read it after the jump.

Gran Turismo Cockpit [Product Page]

Secrecy Obligation

In the matter of a new Simulated Cockpit for Playing Video Games,
The undersigned promises to keep all information, experience gained and technical knowledge (know-how) confidential, which has been made accessible to him or shall be made accessible to him by Mr.___________________________ of Creatina di Liu Tin Hang & C. S.a.s., Torino (Italy).

He shall also require this obligation of his employees.




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