Despite the lingering smell it leaves in the break room at work, microwaveable popcorn bags are truly one of humanity’s more ingenious inventions. But if you feel guilty about tossing that paper bag afterwards, or all the mysterious chemicals they use to simulate butter, try this re-useable silicone microwaveable popcorn bag instead.


To make ten cups of popcorn you just fill the $20 bag’s base with kernels, add oil or butter, close the segmented lid, and toss it in the microwave for two minutes. Once everything heats up and the kernels start detonating the lid will automatically pop open to allow the popcorn to rise and fill the bag completely. When you’re done snacking, you can then just toss it in the dishwasher so it’s ready for the next time you feel peckish but don’t want the guilt of downing an entire bag of potato chips. [Chef’n via The Green Head]

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