It's High Time You Upgraded Your Holidays

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The holidays are here again, which means just another round of the same old boring stuff that happens every year: overcooked dinners, kids who won't listen, and decorating processes that are more life-threatening than fun. Or...rather than having another mundane holiday full of terrible, take matters into your own hands and upgrade your holidays with some techie conversation-starters, such as the ones listed below!

Solid Gray Bag

Good backpacks take a load off the holidays by making it easier to carry all of your goods to and fro, thereby reducing your stress levels. The geniuses behind the Solid Gray bag took their design cues from nature's own armadillo. It's crafted from a single piece of lightweight, folding copolymer, the rigidity of which ensures that it has the strength to keep your gifts from shattering. Plus you can keep things moving along with a little post-meal show-and-tell to demonstrate the amazing laptop and phone compartments. >>Buy<<

Secret Passageway Switch

Just because you don't have the time to build a secret room to store your gadgets doesn't mean you can't still have everyone over for a festive holiday gathering. Whether you have a hackintosh, a modded Xbox 360, or just something you absolutely do not want the cousins to turn on, this secret switch hidden inside the spine of a hardcover book guarantees they'll never figure out how to. Bonus: your book will be as unharmed as your most precious and delicate electronics. >>Buy<<


DROID RAZR by Motorola

Losing contact with your aunts and the party planning essentials buried in your email inbox because of something as silly as spotty coverage simply won't do. With access to the blazingly fast Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, the Droid RAZR (pictured above) is one of the fastest and sleekest phones you can find. It's also packing a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and a full GB of DDR2 RAM, despite being a pocket's best friend at only 7.1mm thick. But just because it's so thin doesn't mean it's not packing a huge 4.3" screen or isn't capable of streaming video directly to your TV in full 1080p HD via its integrated HDMI output. So with the Droid RAZR, you will be constantly available to the party planning committee, and, day-of, when the conversation grinds to a screeching halt, you can satiate the aunts by showing a legendary family slideshow—right from your 4G LTE-enabled RAZR. >>Buy<<

Blacktop Party Hub 360 Grill-Fryer

In a long-overdue update to the modern grill, you can finally fry up a doughnut in the middle of a doughnut-shaped grill. The Blacktop's circular design embodies the very essence of multitasking: you can fry, grill and warm on one device. Whether you have to whip up a load of onion rings and hamburgers for the kids' menu, or just need to be able to cook chicken cutlets at the same time as chicken strips, this is this the only grill that can keep up with whatever your entire household needs for a holiday meal. Plus, everyone can ooh and aah over it after dinner. >>Buy<<

These items will surely spice things up this holiday season. And to learn more about how the Droid RAZR by Motorola can upgrade your holidays, click here!