iTunes Turns 10

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Back on January 9, 2001, iTunes—just a day old—was a vastly different beast. Hell, the world was a different beast, and by that I mean Apple actually participated in MacWorld. What did you think I meant?


For a sweet nostalgia rush, check out Steve Jobs giving the first public iTunes demo back 2001:

Digital music revolution? 320 million Blank CDs sold? My my my how times have changed!

What really hasn't changed much are Jobs' engaged public speaking style or the continued focus on simplicity and user experience. Also, how many times have people accused Apple of being "late to the party" on a software or hardware feature over the past 10 years? Jobs from 2001 touches on that too. Somes never change, I guess. [TUAW]



I find it weird how in the midst of so much hardware being shows at CES, Gizmodo still finds a way to keep the focus on Apple & Jobs. Engadget was inundated with products videos, hands-on and news...heck most other sites were (except for the pathetic ZDnet) but at Gizmodo it's business as usual.

I know I'll get bashed for trolling but I simply wanted to point out that a "gadget" blog is less about gadgets than anything else. When CNET is beating you in the amount of gadget news, you should know you ain't doin' it right!

Just my $0.02 from a person who has been visiting Gizmodo everyday since summer 2009.