ITV's Jekyll & Hyde Looks Adequately Ridiculous

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ITV released the first clip from its 10-part Jekyll & Hyde series. And it turns out that Jekyll/Hyde is basically a Victorian superhero in it.

I can’t quite decide what I like best about this: the random slow-mo? The sad little face of Jekyll when he’s roughed up? The way the music swells when he headbutts a guy? The kissing? The way the girl slaps Hyde right out of him? Choose for yourself:


In case you’re wondering, the Jekyll (Tom Bateman) of this show is the grandson of the one from the book, and is researching his family history which somehow includes his grandfather’s problem being inherited. Because... that’s totally how genetics works, I guess.

Also, there is of course a love triangle and a secret government agency. This might be too ridiculous not to love.


[Via Deadline]

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