Jason Mraz Needs Help Finding the Incredible

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Over the past couple of months "I'm Yours" crooner, Grammy winner and all-around do-gooder, Jason Mraz has been on a mission. With the help of acclaimed filmmaker Asif Kapadia (The Warrior, Senna) and a rotating cast of adventurers, Mraz has been traveling the globe trying to define what makes something truly incredible.

Mraz documented his journey on an ASUS ZENBOOK, and captured all the highlights in a webisode series called In Search of Incredible. Exploring everywhere, from the beaches of Morocco with quadriplegic surfer, Jesse Billauer, to a music studio in London with beat boxing world-champ, Shlomo, Mraz approaches each of these experiences with a charming, wide-eyed wonderment that clearly expresses his desire to make a difference in the world.


But In Search of Incredible is about more than Jason Mraz's travels. A few months ago, viewers from all over the world were invited to send in testimonies of their brushes with incredible. Head here to watch their videos, and vote on which you think best encapsulates the idea behind the project. The most incredible story will have their tale told by a crew of professional filmmakers, and see it premiered at Sundance.

In Search of Incredible wouldn't have been possible with out the continued help of ASUS and Intel—both of which are committed to inspiring innovation across the globe. Together, the two tech giants have released the incredibly thin, incredibly light and incredibly fast ASUS ZENBOOK, making it the perfect laptop to accompany you on your own adventures


Watch the above clip featuring Jason Mraz and Shlomo, for a quick glimpse at what makes In Search of Incredible so, well, incredible. And head here for more info on ASUS.