Joby's Newest Gorillamobile Means Smooth Shooting on Your iPhone 4

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Want tripod action on your iPhone 4? Joby has you covered, with a bumper and stand that'll keep films and photos away from jittery hands. The bumper's rails slide onto the tripod two ways, for either portrait or landscape orientation.


Once locked into place, use the setup as you would any other tripod-locked camera. Or, set 'er on your desk for hands-free FaceTime. The tripod itself is the same bendy experience we like about the rest of Joby's lineup—so go ahead, wrap it around a tree branch, or a lamp, or any other zany vantage point you can cook up. And, if you want to swap out your iPhone for something a little beefier, the $40 unit also comes with a universal camera adapter clip. [Joby]