Jolicloud's Beautifully Designed Netbook Linux OS

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I agree with designer Tariq Krim that we've yet to see an OS interface perfectly implemented to a netbook's uniquely small hardware. Hence Jolicloud, and judging from this UI shot, he's on to something.


Yes, this is what our netbooks need: clear, big app icons (big enough to be touchable) on scrollable page a la the iPhone OS, an easy installer interface for quickly adding more, constant access to a universal search bar, all presented in a clean, clear and colorful design scheme.

Jolicloud isn't out yet, but you can track its progress here: [Jolicloud, Jolicloud Flickr Stream via Crunch Gear and BBG]



That looks great. The main problem with running either a version of Windows or OS X on a netbook, aside from performance, is the UI isn't optimized for such a form factor. Large, pushable buttons in a clear, concise interface is an important first step. I'd like this to be extended to the applications as well and not just restricted to the shell.