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Take a look at the Jukebox Station, a 3-foot-tall iPod-ready music machine with FM radio, CD player, and an attractive array of LEDs designed by Saffire USA. There's a universal docking cradle inside for any iPod accepting such connections, and you can also hook up your video iPod to a TV using SVideo or composite outputs. And if you don't have an iPod, don't feel bad, you can connect any music player into its 3.5mm mini-jack input.


Two magnetically-shielded tweeters, a couple of midrange drivers and a six-inch sub blast out 72 watts' worth of sound from this mini jukebox, and it's all controlled with an IR remote. Plus, if you're worried about somebody jacking that 'pod, you can lock the window to the compartment where it sits.

At first we thought this was a full-sized jukebox, but even though it's just 3 feet tall, it's still a unique package for what is otherwise just another iPod speaker system, albeit one with ample power and seven speakers. Available at Target on October 2, it'll be a cool $699.


Product Page [Pacific Rim Technologies, via iLounge]

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