Just a Stylish 'Wall Socket' USB Hub

Illustration for article titled Just a Stylish Wall Socket USB Hub

It's not a formal wall socket replacement, but this Elecom U2H-TC410B 4-port USB hub will look sharp (and a bit misleading) when mounted to a desk or table.

In all actuality, it's just a typical 4-port USB hub with a tad more style and a lot of extra space for larger USB devices to plug in. Yes, the hub is a bit expensive at $40, but when a friend electrocutes himself trying to stick a USB dongle into a wall socket because he saw you do it, the price will seem minuscule next his the medical bills and the subsequent lifetime of misery as his bowels no longer have the patience for toilets. [AudioCubes via OhGizmo!]

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Another product that shouldn't have made it's way to the shelf.