Kalamazoo Sculpture Gas Grill

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As the owner—and avid user—of a gas grill, I can attest to the fact that grilling on non-decorated surfaces is strictly for the peons. The Kalamazoo Sculpture grill is a unique work of art that mixes form, function, and the false sense that, by spending thousands on commodity items like grills and Viking ranges, let alone millions on a rolling mansion in New Canaan, CT, you will in some way, make up for the years of emotional abuse you've heaped up on yourself and your estranged children as you and your harpy third wife jet off, in different directions, to far-flung "getaways" with your respective mistresses. Plus, Boris Yeltsin has one of these.

Each grill is a work of art with customizable burners and grill surface. Price? $3,490.


Sculpture Gas Grill from Kalamazoo - Boris Yeltsin new toy [Trendir]

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