Illustration for article titled KDDI Iida Polaris Puts Phone Inside Robot, Annoyingly Follows You Around

Leave it to a Japanese cell phone carrier to figure out a way to breed robots and cell phones. KDDI's iida Polaris is a rolling robot with a touchscreen candybar phone inside that can keep your life in order.

The Polaris really looks like a multimedia cell phone that was gently placed into a rolling dock (yea, I know we are all thinking Sony's Rolly). But it could do a lot more than follow you around and play your tunes. Apparently it can monitor its owner's health, process diet data and record physical activity. Like your own personal nutritionist/annoying friend. According to CrunchGear it was jointly developed with robotics firm Flower Robotics who also conceived this mannequin bot.


Crunchgear scored this club remix video of the phonebot:

I bet this robot would have told me about 10 minutes ago that I should stop eating cookies for breakfast. Honestly, I'd get annoyed with the little twerp. [KDDI Polaris via CrunchGear]

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