Kick Your Weekend Off Right With the Godfather of Soul

The new James Brown biopic "Get On Up" is in theaters now. Should you see it? I don't know, maybe! Dan Aykroyd is involved, which is a good sign if you're making vodka that comes in overwrought skull containers made of crystal, and a bad sign if you're making a movie.

Whether or not the biopic is good, James Brown's music is extremely good, and we should all listen to it.


When Brown yell-sings stuff like "I FEEEEEEL good" or "AHHHHHHGHGHGA!", it's like the aural equivalent of taking a shot of espresso made from the rare coffee beans grown in a field of straight FUNK. You know how people try to sedate themselves by listening to sleep playlists comprised of melodic burbles from delicate ponds and baby whale noises? Brown's music is the opposite of that. It will make you get up offa that thing whether you want to or not. It is not sedate. It is riotous and joyful.

If you're thinking of going home, taking it easy, watching some Netflix, and drinking something other than a beer cocktail, check yourself before you wreck one of your final summer weekends. I'm pretty sure it's morally objectionable not to dance when "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" plays, and you're a good person, right?

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