Kindle App For BlackBerry Is A Stupid Idea

In my hate-post against ereaders last week, I claimed that Amazon's protecting itself with its iPhone Kindle app, as the ereader market won't last as long as people think.


I'm not sure the rumored BlackBerry and Mac Kindle apps will do much for the Kindle or ereader industry as a whole, either.

It's still just hearsay for now, but Fudzilla's placing a lot of confidence in its sources, who are claiming a Kindle app for Mac computers and BlackBerry devices is on the way, after launching the iPhone app back in March. Reading ebooks on a Mac makes sense, though I'm sure people will quibble over the merits of reading books for a great length of time on an LCD as opposed to e-ink.

The BlackBerry Kindle app, well—where do I start? Ok, I can see it working on a Storm, but on any other BlackBerry model, no way. For starters, the screens are too small, so you'd be pressing that 'next page' button every 10 seconds. And what it'd do to the already pitiful battery life, well—I wouldn't dare. Yes, I'm a BlackBerry user. Still, Fudzilla's claiming it'll be a free download, and as long as the ebooks cost less on the BlackBerry platform than they do on the Kindle (and as proper books), then it might be a good supplement to those occasions where you want to progress in the book you're reading, but can't carry your Kindle around with you.


Really, it's about time the industry takes a leaf out of the Blu-ray Disc Association's book, and explores the idea of providing digital copies with every paperback sold. [Fudzilla via TechRadar]

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