Kindle DRM Hacked (That Was Easy)

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The Kindle only allows the reading of Amazon DRM-protected content. So how do you load other eBooks onto the Kindle? Just add Amazon DRM. That's one solution hacker Igor Skochinsky has used to load Mobipocket books onto his Kindle. Using a series of scripts, he's able to convert eBook files to Amazon's AZW format and then add the necessary serial number DRM, specialized per an individual's particular Kindle.


Oh, and now you can too since his scripts are available for download. Should you feel bad about reading your non-Amazon eBooks on the Kindle? For $399 I wouldn't feel bad loading it with the souls of Amazon's first born children. [reversingeverthing via gadgetlab]



I agree with several of the posters. In today's world of convergence it is stupid to have a machine that only shows text and pictures. I love the idea of an ebook. I just think that most people will not want to carry around another device just to read books.

What's needed is a Newton for the new millennium. At a minimum an "ebook" needs to play music, video and a gps. What's really needed is better display tech.