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Kodak Z980 Megazoom Camera Shoots HD Video; Refreshed Zx1 Mini-Camcorder Is Cheaper, Weatherproof

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kodak's recent digital offerings have been decidedly entry-level products. The new Zx1 camcorder and Z980 Megazoom point-and-shoot keep to Kodak's short tradition of low prices, but look like they might be solid performers too.

The Z980 is a low-to-midrange bridge camera, primarily marketed (like its predecessors) for its formidable 24x zoom. The 12MP sensor is exposed through a 26mm fixed lens, and comes with a now-standard set of P&S features. What makes the Z980 interesting, though, are the few pro(ish) features thrown in. HD video recording at 720p, assuming it isn't a shaky, noisy mess, is a big plus. And the hot flash shoe and vertical shutter release and grip gives the camera some photog cred that you usually don't always see at this price ($400) and form factor.


As for Kodak's miniature video camcorder range, the Zx1 is interesting successor to the fantastic Zi6 Flip-killer. The main difference? It's weatherproof, and slightly cheaper at $150. The camera will mercifully support a full range of SDHC storage, meaning that you can carry up to 32GB or HD video around in your pocket.


These products are set to be demonstrated (and were originally intended to be unveiled) at CES, where they'll be accompanied by a range of point-and-shoot pocket cameras that were slightly too boring to write about just now. STAY TUNED. [PhotographyBay]