Kotaku Gets An Xbox 360

So the balstards dudes over at Kotaku got their Xbox 360 in the mail and we're jealous. The Xbox 360 came with a shiny metal briefcase full of goodies and a debug unit. Yes, the power brick is the size of a small child. The 360 a great unit though and the games are fantastic (duh). The connectivity also works like a charm and when the PSP was plugged in you could view all the sexy multimedia stored on it. The 360 also works perfectly as a media center. The 360 will search for computers on your home network and will seek out music and movies located on shared folders so you can play them back through the 360. It also grants you three wishes but be careful—if you wish your dead friend back to life, he might appear on your doorstep as a zombie. So far it's been a great gaming experience. Be sure to check out Kotaku's full coverage of putting the 360 through every test imaginable.

Xbox 360 In The House (For Reals) [Kotaku]


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