Leak Disruption: Will Wikileaks New Kindle Strategy Make Its Content Even More Snackable?

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There’s now even more Russian literature available for your Kindle device. Now you can download the hacked excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s paid Wall Street speeches straight to your e-reader.


Julian Assange, over at Wikileaks, has rolled out a “handy” new distribution strategy. Say goodbye to “Web 2.0" and hello to the gorgeous e-paper display available on all of the latest Kindle devices. Now you can dig up Hillary Clinton’s public and private position right on your reading device of choice. No Internet connection required.

Wikileaks’ new distribution strategy begs the question: Will the controversial leaking organization’s content become even more snackable? Sure, Wikileaks may have come under fire for being a willing tool of the Kremlin bent on influencing the US election, but this new content strategy will undoubtedly help Wikileaks get more positive exposure for its brand. Reading John Podesta’s emails may seem boring at first, but when you realize you can do it on the go, Wikileaks looks less like Putin’s puppet and more like a tech disruptor.

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