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Legends of Tomorrow's Stars Thought the Big Beebo Battle Would Be a 'Career Ender'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
“Beebo want absolute devotion.” Already done.
“Beebo want absolute devotion.” Already done.
Photo: Dean Buscher (The CW)

When Beebo cuddled his way to Viking glory in his season three debut, Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh said he and the others were “worried” about this adorable addition to the show. Then, the cast learned the season finale would involve five Legends transforming into a Giant Beebo that would hug the demon lord Mallus to death. Co-star Dominic Purcell said what most of them were thinking: “Okay, this is a career ender.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the stars of Legends of Tomorrow were asked about their reaction to the script for “The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly,” the season three finale that still ranks as one of the greatest television episodes I’ve ever seen. Seriously, read my recap if you want a taste of what Beth is like at her absolute happiest.

In the episode, the totem-bearing Legends combined their powers to form a being of pure light and goodness. You’d think this would mean a Transformer or some kind of Mighty Morphin’ time. But no, it was Cuddle Me Beebo, the glorious god of cuteness. Apparently, the cast wasn’t exactly thrilled at first about their climactic battle with a demon involving a giant stuffed animal.


“I thought that was it,” Nick Zano, who plays Nate Heywood, said. “I was like, ‘We were onto something and we just wrote a grenade into our own house.’ I was going to say, ‘No way that this works or is believable in any sense.’ And I was 1,000 percent wrong.”


“I remember exactly what I said: ‘Okay, this is a career ender,’” Purcell added. “I mean, seriously, that’s what I thought. ‘Okay, I’m never coming back from this.’ But again, in time, that kind of stuff belongs on Legends, and we are allowed basically to do whatever we want. That’s the beauty of this show.”

Routh, who plays Ray Palmer and will be leaving the show in season five, added that he was a little surprised at how the audience has fallen in love with Beebo over the course of the last few seasons. He’s become a staple on the series, inspiring memes, tributes, and of course the eternal love and devotion a godlike figure such as himself deserves. It’s unclear whether Beebo will be making an appearance in season five, but to be honest it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s physically there. Beebo is always present in our hearts.


“We were all a bit cautious or worried when he first entered in the Viking episode,” Routh said, adding. “I think the judicious use of Beebo in [following] episodes has been good and it’s certainly been a fun hallmark of the show now.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns with season five on January 21. Beebo devotees can also look for the Legends in the upcoming CW crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. All glory to Beebo.


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