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IBM used to make a pretty nice machine and it's nice to see Lenovo is adding a bit of color to the dedicated workhorses that still bear the red, green, and blue. The new Z-series, the 14-inch Z60t and the 15.4-inch Z60m WXGA wide screens, include a wealth of interesting tweaks above and beyond the consumer-oriented widescreen. EVDO is an option as well as all the standard laptop junk including IBM's standard magnesium casing and frame.

So far so good. But then you get to this:

The new laptops will ship with Windows as the default operating system in the US and Europe, but will have a Linux option similar to the one available in China.


Whoa! Linux? Then they've got a 3-in-1 card reader and Firewire. Then you find out that there is a special "champagne casing" available, as well. That makes us here at Gizmodo wiggle a little. Champagne? What's next? iPod white? It seems things have changed over at IBM.

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