Let's Figure Out Infinity Once and For All

It's probably time to fire up that second cup of coffee; the journey that TED-ED lecturer Dennis Wildfogel is about to take you on is one of infinite infinities. In other words, it's going to make your brain hurt. But it also just might make you smarter.


Or, at least, infinitely frustrated. But at least the sheep illustrations are cute? [Brainpickings]

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If our universe is finite, wouldn't the largest number describable be the maximum number we can store in this finite universe? If you would take every smallest particle in the universe and set it to the largest number it can describe, at some point you can't describe or add another digit in that number. Theoretically a larger number would be possible, but there's no way to describe it in our universe, since describing it would mean that you have to take an earlier particle and use that would yield a same number of digits.

In a simplified way, if our universe consisted of only 1000 bits, you'd never be able to describe more than 1000 bits of data.

But this is far from my cup of tea, so i might be assuming a load of crap here...