LG GC990 Louvre Cameraphone Shoots 12MP Photos, 720p Video

The sliding point where cameraphones and point-and-shoot cameras seems to keep moving towards the latter. The latest hybrid is the 720p, 12-megapixel LG GC990 Louvre, which, at least from the back, actually looks like a camera.

We can get nervous about the potential quality of such high-res photos and video coming from such a small sensor all we want, but on paper, the GC990 does well: the camera shoots through a Schneider-Kreuznach lens, gets lighting help from a Xenon flash module, and shoots up to ISO 3200, though I can't imagine the noise levels being anywhere near tolerable.


As for the phone side of this brick, we've got a 3.2-inch touchscreen showing LG's interesting S-class 3D UI. Wi-fi, DLNA streaming, TV-out and GPS (with geotagging for video and photos) are also included. The rest of the specs are a mystery for the time being, and LG tells GSMArena that the GC990 may well never make it to market, instead living out its life as a trade show tech demo—the saddest of phone fates. [GSMArena via Slashphone]

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