Lightning Review: Oppo DV-983H 1080p Up-Converting DVD Player

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The Gadget: Oppo's follow-up to the fantastic DV-981HD up-converting DVD player with 1080p and Anchor Bay's VRS video tech (AutoCue, Precision Video Scaling, Progressive Cadence Detection and Precision Deinterlacing) and 7.1 audio with Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic II.


The Price: $399

The Verdict: Video quality is as least as good if not better than the previous Oppo 981HD we reviewed, which also does 1080p over HDMI. Even better than the 981, this DV-983H adds in a USB port in the back so you can play back DivX/XviD files off of a USB drive directly, without having to burn movies/TV Shows onto a disc first.

We watched several DVDs and were impressed with the quality, and the AV nerds on avsforum seem to prefer Anchor Bay's ABT1018 and ABT102 upconverting/de-interlacting magic chips to Faroudja's. On the audio side, we only have a 5.1 setup, but what we heard sounded great as well.

At $399, it's a player we'd recommend if you have a gigantic DVD library that you want to keep even when faced with the impending Blu-ray transition. After all, there's no sense in buying a movie again if you can get a somewhat reasonable upscaler (and Oppo's is much more than just somewhat reasonable). It's their new flagship model, so you know this is quality DVD playback. It's also the last upconverting DVD player Oppo will ever make, so you might want to get in on this latest generation before it goes out of style. [Oppo]


Broken Machine

@DrXym: I've tried to use one of the third party products that use a PS2 remote. First, it's ugly. Second, there is a delay, and when I was comparring artifacts using my HD-A2, it was hard to step through frames. It's a workaround and at best, it's clumsy. HD is not my concern, believe it or not (even with an HD-DVD player - I got it for less than most upconverters, and it does have a fault of it's own, no discreet Power On and Power Off impulse, just a power toggle, hence the need to seek out a replacement). What we are talking about with this product is the BEST treatment of DVDs in an A/V setting. After seeing the 981 in action, I'd have to say for my purposes, and apparently others watching this thread, Oppo has the PS3 beat.

@DrXym: After using some dud monoprice cables, I'd go for the $30 Monster cables too.