Listen to KCRW's Famously Eclectic Programming Any Time of Day

Did you know beloved LA radio station KCRW has an all-music broadcast and streaming service called Eclectic24?

With Spotify, Pandora, Songza, and tons of other streaming music options readily available, good old-fashioned radio can easily fall by the wayside these days. KCRW is fighting against the dinosaur label and adapting to streaming culture in a smart way: The streaming station retains the same handpicked quality playlists that make KCRW so great, but lets people access it even if they don't remember the last time they owned a radio.


In addition to the expertly curated mix of songs, Eclectic24 lets you stream some of the day's most popular songs on demand, like Fool's Gold's latest, "I'm In Love," which is the aural equivalent of taking a morning drive past palm trees in a vintage convertible. (It doesn't, however, let you embed its streaming stuff on your tech blog, so here's that song via Soundcloud):

KCRW also offers up its recent live studio sessions, and you can pull up video performances through the website. Here are a few highlights from recent sessions (the station also puts lots of stuff on YouTube, though you should head over to their website to view the full performances):

Ryan Adams is playing an upcoming session, which makes sense, because Ryan Adams is to college radio what Bocelli is to an opera house.


Image via KCRW

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