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Here's the new Samsung xxH-i300, the new MusicPhone with a built-in 3GB hard drive. True to form, I forgot to actually get a clear shot of the specs, but I have a good excuse this time: I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be in the booth. Sure, they were letting me walk around and take pictures, but humor me—it makes me feel cool to snap surreptitious photos. Of course, earlier in the day I sat in an NEC booth for five minutes until I realized it wasn't a press briefing, but someone giving instructions to booth operators about what not to tell the press. Obviously, everyone wasn't firing on all cylinders today.

Also, this phone is hot. OGG Vorbis and AAC decoding on a Windows Mobile player—looks good to me. SCH-i300 is already taken, too, but it's an older model. Maybe recycling?