Logitech Harmony 785 Universal Remote Controls 150,000 Devices

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Doesn't it always turn out that after buying a universal remote, it controls four devices of your home theatre just fine, but that fifth just refuses to cooperate? That should be unlikely with the Logitech Harmony 785, which works with 150,000 devices from 4,000 manufacturers. So even if you've got a no-name LaserDisc player you bought in the back streets of Guatemala, the Harmony will still figure out how to turn it on.

Additionally, it's got a color LCD screen that gives you news, sports and weather, plus an easy setup-wizard using your PC and the internet so you can download the codes to your remote. Then there's the backlit keypad so you can see what key you're pressing, making sure you don't unmute the skinemax accidentally while your wife's sleeping.

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