Logitech MX1000 Reviewed

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We'll be playing just a tad of a catch up this morning, including a few bits of news that are almost four days old, until we move up into things that just happened, and then back into our usual rhythm of making things up wholesale. Like this Logitech MX1000 mouse, which someone actually sent me way back into last week, but didn't give me a link or anything, so all I could find on Google were references to an older product from, like, 2000; I wrote it off as bad crack. But apparently there is a new mouse from the Swiss vendor, and it uses a laser instead of the traditional LED and CMOS camera tracking system of the faithful optical laser. The review on 3DGPU is mostly positive, although it doesn't go into any serious depth (if that's why you need out of your mouse reviews).

No word on a corded version - it's not even on Logitech's site yet, although these cute ladybug and football mice are - but the upcoming version uses a lithium-ion battery with a charging cradle. (Thanks, Roby!)


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