Lucifer Has Been Saved From Cancellation Hell By Netflix

Hell yeah, Lucifer lives!
Hell yeah, Lucifer lives!
Image: Michael Courtney/FOX

Remember how we were going to lose a bunch of genre shows at the end of this TV season, Lucifer included? Well, now we’re not, because they’re being saved by other places plucking them out of cancellation... Lucifer included.


The Hollywood Reporter is writing that Netflix has just announced it has reached a deal to bring Lucifer back after Fox cancelled the show at the end of its third season. The news has also been confirmed by the show’s official Twitter account:

While the series was never a major ratings hit for Fox, its cancellation drove fans to take to social media, drawing attention to networks and streaming services in the hopes that Lucifer, like The Expanse before it, could be granted a second life. Now, Netflix has given it that chance.

We’ll bring you more on Lucifer’s resurrection as and when we learn it.

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Excellent news! This show is so funny and charming (even if melodramatic at times) and Tom Ellis is a gem.

Praise be the Lord!! (Wait......)