Thanks to everyone who entered our contest, but thanks especially to Jorge Barrios, who gets to take home a TiVo Series 3. There were only 10 entries that got all the answers correct, and Jorge was the one who got lucky and was chosen at random (out of the 10). Congrats again! If you want to see the answers, hit the jump.

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1) Q. Which invention's name dropped an H because Americans are foul-mouthed and mostly illiterate?


A. The Bic pen was originally named after its French Inventor, Marcel Bich. However the company decided to drop the 'H' from the name fearing that the American market might pronounce the name 'Bitch'.

2) Q. What was invented when a guy couldn't get to his delicious, delicious ice cream in time?


A. The outboard motor. Ole Evinrude was rowing his boat to an island picnic and watched his ice cream slowly melt before he could get ashore to consume it. During that harrowing journey, his brilliant idea was born.

3) Q. What popular product could you make legally in your bathtub, as the formula has never been patented?


A. Coke. No. Not that coke. Coca-cola. The formula is only shared with a few select people. But if you schnapps one of them up, they just might tell you.

4) Q. Jamie Lee Curtis, famous movie star and children's novelist, is the inventor of what?


A. A diaper with a front pouch that holds moist towelettes. No word yet on whether the diaper simultaneously accommodates both boy and girl parts.

5) Q. What Utah native and aspiring Disney parks employee is the reason millions never got laid in the '80s (and probably still don't today)?

A. Nolan Bushnell, inventor of Pong.


6) Q. Bonnie Tyler and Celine Dion owe Roberto Del Rosario a huge debt of thanks. Why?

A. Because he invented the Sing-Along-System that eventually led to karaoke, bringing these two chanteuses' oeuvres back into the lives of the sad, drunken masses.


7) Q. Why are we thanking Ed Peterson for our weight problems and wrapper-strewn car floors?

A. Because the glorious bastard invented the Egg McMuffin in 1977.

8) Q. Who was the original scissor sister?

A. Known drag queen Leonardo DaVinci, inventor of everyone's favorite cutting implement.


9) Q. Why does Gloria Steinem hate May 9th, 1958 more than any other date?

A. Because on that fateful day, Mattel patented Ruth Handler's slightly disproportionate Barbie doll.


10) Q. What item patented in 1999 allows children (and Richard Gere) to keep their gerbils and hamsters close to them at all times?

A. A vest covered with tubes. Seriously.

11) Q. We have a lumberjack to thank for what, er, handy invention?

A. Jergens lotion, invented in 1880.