Mark of the Beast, Aisle Four

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Wired offers us an interesting look at Katherine Albrecht, a privacy advocate who is taking the RFID craze to its obvious conclusion: that Satan is using it to mark us all in time for the big End Times Fire Sale. At least we'll be able to check out without having to wave ourselves over a price scanner or even flash a credit card! It will be all done with RFID.

But let's remember that these same fears were circulated with UPC symbols, credit cards, Social Security numbers and anything else that attempts to identify us in some way. Listen, if the Lord of Darkness is going to mark us in some way, he's not going to use an inexpensive radio frequency technology. He'll go for pizzaz and use some kind of crazy bio-probe. Maybe it will crawl up inside of us and make us glow.

Re: the image. I did a Google search but misspelled 'satan' as 'stan.' So that's Stan. He might also be Satan, but I'm not sure.


RFID Foes Find Righteous Ally [Wired]