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Mark Zuckerberg and Nas Hung Out (!!!???)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a social scene that looks like someone spun a roulette wheel, The Zuck, Nas, and mega-rich Silicon Valley investor Ben Horowitz were all in a room for some reason. And it was all Instagrammed.

Somehow, the nerd-on-celebrity-gangbang scene—snapped to Instagram by Rap Genius co-founder, Yale Stereotype, and Vyvanse-abuser Mahbod Moghadam—isn't as painful as you'd think.


Because if you read the sentence "Mark Zuckerberg, Nas, and Ben Horowitz all hung out one night," it would sound excruciating. What did they talk about? Probably the money Horowitz has sunk into both of their companies. Rich people stuff. Premium hoodies. Warby Parker. But Nas smiled at least once! Probably knowing that his money and fame will remain after all this Internet money crumbles away.


Zuck, at least after the fact, wasn't as smiley: in an interview, Moghadam says things went south after Mark's handlers realized his presence had been recorded outside of a hackathon or press event:

Zuck gets home and his whole PR crew is calling him every five seconds, and he told us to take it down. We wrote a letter of apology and I feel sorry.


But not that sorry, because slightly later in the interview, Moghadam quips "Zuck can suck my dick."


Our poor Zuckerberg: outed as a normal person who attends boring dinner parties, then called a mean name, all because of a company he spent a billion dollars on. (The YBF via BetaBeat]