Mark Zuckerberg Played the 'What Would You Do If You Were Rich' Game in Real Life and Got Morgan Freeman to Narrate It

Do you ever play that game where you fantasize that you’re rich? That one where you ask your friends at the bar what they’d do if they had a billion dollars? Well, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg plays that game. But he’s actually a billionaire. So he got Morgan Freeman to narrate his robot butler.


Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has been building a robot butler called Jarvis. And we won’t bore you with the details (it’s little more than some brilliant Facebook PR), except to say that Morgan fucking Freeman is the narrator. Apparently. At least that’s what Zuck’s promotional video would have us believe.

So here’s the thing about Mark Zuckerberg: he must be working out. I saw that dude eat a piece of toast on video, and unless he immediately spit that out off-camera, he’s gotta be working out.


Money can buy you the voice of God, Morgan Freeman, to appear in your video. But money can’t buy you getting swole. That takes real work. And if Zuck is eating toast, he must be working on getting swole.

If you have documentary evidence of Mark Zuckerberg getting swole please send it to

Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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WTF eating white toast with nothing on it. No butter, margarine, peanut butter, jam or jelly... This man is a monster.