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The Max Force Shadow Hawk (deep breath) 100 is a sort of hybrid between Nerf and Super Soaker, flinging spitball-ish wads of paper at your friends—from up to 100 feet away. Dope. But does it do that?



The Shadow Hawk 100 looks really, really cool. Like a Fisher-Price 50 cal. There's a giant barrel, sliding scope, sniper stand, and very satisfying bolt-action loading. And when one of the moist pellets makes contact, it stings real bad. Alarmingly (awesomely!) bad, for an orange a toy gun. Gizmodo's darling Kyle Wagner has the welt on his neck to prove it. It's fun to hold, and it's fun to hurt your friends with it. And that's what toy guns are all about, right?

No Like

The problem is that the $40 Shadow Hawk 100 just doesn't work very well. I was willing to overlook the fact that you need to douse and then dry the ammo before loading each individual wad in a magazine. But once loaded (which is tricky), there's no trigger—instead, you have to jerk off a pump-firing mechanism like crazy, and maybe, one of the paper bullets will go flying. Usually they didn't. And when they did fly, they sure as hell didn't go 100 feet, or travel there accurately.


Be glad this isn't a real gun, because you would probably die in a battle. [Max Force]

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