Meet the Tiny Projector that Will Transform Your Movie Nights

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The future of hosting movie night at your place is here. Gone are the dusty DVDs of yore, replaced by a 600-channel* Roku®-powered streaming projector from 3M that fits in the palm of your hand. Yep. In your hand. It's the key to upgrading your movie night; read on for some more tips on how to blow out your screening of Blow Out.



"Want to come over and watch a movie?" sounds about as enticing as "Want to come over and reorganize my sock drawer?" How about "Goonies theme night at my place — costumes optional!" That sounds like a good time (just stop for a sec and ponder your roommate dressed as Ma Fratelli). The Instagrammic possibilities are endless, as are the hysterics when "your" character makes an appearance in the film.



Some movie theaters have adopted this trend, and, no wonder — attention to detail makes your event memorable. Anything that is consumed in the film (please except the horror genre, Rocky, and most of John Waters' films) can be served. Some examples:

  • Merlot with a side of existential crisis (Sideways)
  • Fava beans and Chianti, hold the human flesh (Silence of the Lambs)
  • Peking duck (A Christmas Story)
  • Whole fried chickens and dry white toast (Blues Brothers)

And don't forget the popcorn.


Obviously, the best way to view a movie at home is to project it. The 3M™ Streaming Projector Powered by Roku® is a projector so unobtrusive that no furniture re-arranging will be necessary. (Well, not for the projector's sake, anyway.) And the Roku stick that fits right inside the unit will give you access to any movie found on Netflix, Hulu PLUS, Amazon Instant Video, and any other streaming service available via Wi-Fi. Project up to 120" across with DLP® Digital Cinema technology. It connects to any device via HDMI port, and runs for 2.5 hours on a single charge.


When the lights go down, your guests will want to get comfy. And if everyone on your invite list isn't a) related or b) intimately involved, you'll need to create as much seating as possible. No one wants to crowd onto a loveseat with a stranger or perch on a barstool for 2+ hours. Populate your floor with bean bags, oversized pillows, yoga mats, rugs. Soft and reclinable is the idea.



If you so desire, games related to your film can be more sophisticated than, "Every time [insert character name here] says [insert catchphrase here], drink!" Before you dim the lights and set up the streaming projector, play a round of [insert film here] trivia that you've prepared prior to the screening. The more obscure, the better — film nerds get really excited when they can publicly lord over others the fact that they are familiar with the lighting designer's oeuvre. For games to play during the film, whip up some bingo cards with catchphrases, characters, props, song motifs — even types of shots — and pass those babies out to each guest. Winners get movie-themed prizes.


Learn all about the 3M™ Streaming Projector Powered by Roku®, and start planning your movie night!

*Membership may be required for some channels.


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