Meet the United Earth Federation Faction of Supreme Commander 2

Three factions-Cybran, Illuminate, and United Earth Federation (UEF)-control the Supreme Commander 2 galaxy. The average UEF citizen desires stability and order, and they have a strong sense of brotherhood and community. Its leaders are aggressive and driven to ensure galactic order.

After the defeat of the Seraphim, the UEF asserted control of the Coalition through its ability to leverage its citizen's strong factional identity to present a unified front on all issues. As a result, the UEF is the economic, political, and military machine that drives the Coalition.


In general, UEF military units are larger, more aggressive versions of 20th Century military hardware. UEF Commanders go through rigorous psychological screening for loyalty to ensure that each believes in their duty to maintain order in the galaxy.

In the following video, Chris Taylor, lead designer of Supreme Commander 2, explains some of the UEF's attributes:

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Supreme Commander 2 hits shelves next month. Check out the trailer below!

ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+ with Fantasy Violence


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